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Signs an Emotionally Unavailable Woman is in Love with You

emotionally unavailable woman

I have realized that dating someone who is emotionally unavailable is not easy. Most times you feel like you are walking through a labyrinth of unsaid feelings coupled with confusing signals. Yet, even in the midst of confusion, there are small tell tale signs that an emotionally unavailable woman is falling in love similar to the emotionally unavailable man. Knowing these signs can assist you in dealing with the complications of the relationship and strengthening the bond that you both share.

How Complex an Emotionally Unavailable Woman can?

But before we start to read the signs one by one, first, let us know exactly what is emotional unavailability. Emotionally unavailable people have great difficulty with expressing their feelings, holding intimacy, and forming close, emotional bonds with others due to their respective dispositions. They do not feel comfortable expressing themselves about their past or revealing their flaws, setting a wall between them and their spouses. However, despite these difficulties, a woman who is emotionally unavailable can still give herself permission to love and be loved by falling for a man.

How Do You Know If She Is Into You?

Sign Of Love In An Emotionally Unavailable Woman

1. Increased Vulnerability

Although emotionally unavailable people have a tendency to run away from being vulnerable, love can be the start of a slow opening. Perhaps slowly and cautiously, you may observe the woman in question beginning to open up to you more by admitting her thoughts, feelings and fears.

2. Prioritizing Your Needs

If an emotionally unavailable woman is in love with you — by her actions, she still tries to do everything for you. She might take the extra step to be there for you, to give you solace when you need it, and to truly care about your smile.

3. Efforts to Connect

It can be difficult for an emotionally unavailable woman to express affection verbally, but she might still find other ways to show you that she cares. Showing signs of emotional investment — this could be anything from random acts of affection and physical touch through to simply wanting to spend more quality time alone with you.

4. Increased Intimacy

With time, she might get more comfortable with being intimate with you as she develop deeper feelings for you. This can come in the form of physical affection like caressing, cuddling, holding hands or initiating more meaningful relationship conversations etc.

5. Expressing Appreciation

Emotionally unavailable people have a difficult time opening up to you, but they show you that they cherish your presence and that you are important to them, through their actions. Given respect for the very thing she desires, and grateful that you have a positive impact on her joy and well-being.

In Short, how to go through paddle of Love with an Emotionally unavailable woman?

While dating a woman who cannot open up physically or emotionally will be difficult, it is possible to form a deep romantic connection. If you notice the signs of love such as vulnerability, giving and receiving, intimacy and appreciation, you successfully navigate the complexities of the relationship with understanding and patience.

A Note from Known Psychology

We know how frustrating it can feel to handle relationships with emotionally unavailable partners at Known Psychology. I tell you it can be tough, but just remember that love is timeless. If you happen to be in a relationship with a woman who seems to be emotionally unavailable, these are the 3 things you need as a man in order to communicate in a healthy, patient and empathetic manner. But remember, even the most closed off people can learn to love and let love in with time and patience.

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